Thursday, November 25, 2021

OPHIS ~ Spew Forth Odium ( Album Of The Month October 2021)

20 years on and Ophis, the Greek word for snake, like a dark cloud drifting across a full moon, has lost none of its ability to bring forth gloom where there was once light.Six lamentations of morose doom death contagion shroud the new album Spew Forth Odium in a sallow, sickly pallor.Six Pallbearers hunched under a leaden casket

Ophis occupies the middle ground of funereal doom with leanings toward Evoken but without the chilling misty layer of keyboards, and My Dying Bride minus the black lace veiled riffs of the band from West Yorks. Instead, Ophis delivers a more straightforward (viral) strain of doom, the tracks are lengthy and varied and the guitars are in the main full and heavy, matching a punishing rhythm section and, of course, carried along by the obligatory growling vocal delivery.

Recommended ~ Each song seamlessly blends funeral paced heavy with dark disconsolate melody. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (October 2021)


Here are the top 12 albums released in October according to Deathrattle Podcast. Doom was particularly strong but there were a couple of thrash based albums that caught my eye (and ears). My top death metal album was the ferocious 'Majestic Dissolve' by Conjureth.


Raw, old school nihilistic Death/Doom Metal. No light, no destination, no compromise!


Foreverglade’ is suffocatingly heavy, filled with shimmering gloomy atmosphere and a reeking foul humidity that superbly embodies the mysteries and monstrosities of the murk. To that end Worm reach a new apex of creative sorcery while signaling it has only begun to unleash what lies beneath the mists.


First release of this Galician quartet of Stoner/Doom psychedelic and lysergic in the way of titans of the genre such as Electric Wizard, Acid King, Monolord, Reverend Bizarre, Black Sabbath or Cathedral.


Southern sludge from Savannah, GA


Ferocious Death


They venture into uncharted, psychodelic territory, under the heavy influence of scene giants like Truckfighters or Elder.


FC can be described as Death Metal with Thrash/Punk/D-Beat with shot a of melody


Dirty and corrosive Thrash Metal with Crossover hints. 


Misanthropic sludge


Kentucky sludge


Hellpie makes heavy music for people that eat pie. Specifically evil pies. Not like apple pie, but really tormented, sadistic pies...


Suns of Sludge.
Friends of Fuzz.
Fueled by many Ales and Herbs.