Saturday, July 2, 2022

BONGHILL ~ Bonghill (Demo) 2022

 A six track demo of decent quality, drowned in dope, stoner doom with leanings toward Electric Wizard. The band Bonghill has steered away from the current trend of adding elements of psychedelia and progressive passages in favour of  dropping down and pounding out drug addled doom riffs.

Very much worthy of attention.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (May 2022)

 Deathrattle Podcast's 'Best Of' releases for May 2022

WO FAT ~ The Singularity

Musically, The Singularity ventures outside Wo Fat's well-establish blues-based paradigm, keeping all the heaviness but also tapping into some 70’s fusion influences and more open jamminess.

FAMYNE ~ II: The Ground Below

Famyne combine elements of Doom, Stoner, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelia, Prog and Grunge, and are well known for their hypnotic, energetic live performances.

MORTAL DISMAY ~ Hatred Ahead

Thrash with an Exodus like groove and Slayer like hate.

CHURCH OF DISGUST ~ Weakest Is The Flesh

Featuring eight tracks of ungodly heaviness and the most efficient songwriting around (and a haunting interlude and outro), Weakest is the Flesh is undoubtedly CHURCH OF DIGUST's strongest statement to date. DEATH METAL OR DIE!!! 

WRITHING SHADOWS ~ Writhing Shadows

After a slew of EPs, a demo, and a split, Alabama wardogs WRITHING SHADOWS are finally ready to unleash the full assault.


Besvärjelsen (Swedish for “Conjuring”) formed in 2014 by members out of bands like Dozer, Greenleaf, Afgrund, Lastkaj and V.
However rooted in Doom you will find traces of Progressive Metal, Punk, Folk, and simply old classic Rock n’ Roll that has been carefully weaved together to a sound as heavy as it’s sophisticated.

HOREHOUND ~ Collapse

Pittsburgh’s Horehound distills a potent blend of snarling riffs, morose melodies, and rhythmic intricacy that owes equally to doom metal convention and goth/dark ambient atmosphere

ELUSIVE GOD ~ Trapped In A Future Unknown

Fortress of sound equal to the brutal cosmic punch in the face of an ancient disgusting mythological giant awakened from the aeons of eternal sleep by earth-shaking, almost razor-sharp epic riffs

DEMONICAL ~ Mass Destroyer

 "Mass Destroyer" packs a gruesome punch, embodies organic sounding and delivers a truly fiendish experience from well-seasoned old-school death-dealers.

GREY GIANT ~ Turn To Stone

Stoner Rock band from Santander (Spain).

SLOW WAKE ~ Falling Fathoms

Like staring out into the abyss of Lake Erie at sunset on a few hits of acid as the sun burns the water

HEMPRESS ~ Masters Of The Trade

 Hempress delivers heavy, brain melting bass/guitar riffs stuffed with psychedelic influenced lead parts. Lyrical topics going from extra terrestrial beings to murder and drugs, horror and the unknown. Hempress rises from the dead and walks through the smoke in the midst of the night.

Friday, June 24, 2022

COILED AROUND THY SPINE ~ From The Ashes 2022 (Deluxe Edition)

Melodic they said. Well yeah, but most of the melody in this album has been expelled, slashed, battered and bruised, reeling from relentless death metal punishment and lacerating guitar solos.

This album was originally released in 2021 but has now been remixed and remastered, with extra songs, 'Like Hell' (Loudness cover) and 'Bite The Pain'  (Death cover)

Sunday, June 19, 2022

VIZARESH ~ In The Depths (2019)

Coagulated riffs, clotted vocals. This is stomach churning Brazilian death metal.

First released in 2019 and now Name Your Price on Bandcamp.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (April 2022)

 My albums of the month for April 2022


Atmospheric Melodic Doom Metal


Carcass on steroids


Brutal thrash metal from the UK


Neck-breaking death metal from Helsinki, Finland


Old school death metal from Colombia


Press Start to End.
The End Boss has come to defeat all players. Bring 1000 lives.


Sentient Horror are a New Jersey based death metal band who fuse the brutality and savagery of old school death metal with a passion for metal’s melodic roots.


Gnarly riffage from the Great Plains of Montana.


Static Abyss’ debut studio album, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’, presents an unnerving, multi-layered eerie concoction of dirty doom and death, including themes exploring the echoes of insanity manifested through human existence.


Thrash metal from Southern New Jersey. Nothing but booze, bud and blasphemy.


Doom, sludge, stoner band from Moscow.


'Slave Driver' pushes the boundaries of Thrash Metal once again, intense and aggressive in its purest form available.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

GOAT VOMIT NOISE ~ Nihilist Front (EP) 2022

 Obnoxious black death from Italy. There's loads of nasties to contend with in this vicious, eardrum destroying EP.  First off are the hypersonic death riffs that flay you alive, interspersed with surprise switches to an ugly HM-2 onslaught encapsulated in crust that leaves you recoiling from the horror of it all. Goat Vomit Noise

Monday, May 16, 2022

DOOMSHINE ~ The End Is Worth Waiting For ( 2015)

Doomshine is a Germanic band that trudges a weary route along the Candlemass path, slightly less polished with a more 'metallic' feel and that is not a criticism at all. The songs are epic, slow as you would expect but with the (very) occasional burst of speed. Guitar solo's weep in anguish at the heaviness of it all then sigh in contentment when salved by the glorious melodies that illuminate this fantastic album.

Friday, May 13, 2022

RAT TAMANGO ~ Jelly Tube (2022)

 Rat Tamango is an Australian blues band that rocks like a mountain range and rolls like boulders in a landslide. They play a raw style of mood shifting blues rock, acidic, raw and snarling one moment, moody and sullen the next all with tons of strutting attitude. Watch out for the fuzz, it bites without warning when you least expect it. 

There is a recent full length 'As I Live and Breathe' that hasn't found it's way onto Bandcamp yet.

Saturday, April 30, 2022



April 'Best Of' lists will soon be upon us. This is a flashback to some of the best albums that you may have missed during March and that have tickled Deathrattle Podcast's fancy the most during that month.

HEREJE SD ~ 'Busy!'

Doom from the Dominican Republic

NECROM ~ ' All Paths Are Left Here'

NECROM emerged in 2018 as a tribute to the grandeur of old school death metal from the veterans of Ukrainian metal scene

DESOLATE SHRINE ~ 'Fires of the Dying World'

Yet be forewarned before indulging from the poison chalice of Fires of the Dying World for it ensnares its victims in an inescapable maelstrom of death and futility. 

MOUNT SATURN ~ 'O, Great Moon'

Mount Saturn rises from the damp soil of the Pacific Northwest to forge a sound that worships riffs, dabbles in psychedelia, and thrives on grooving heft.

KONVENT ~ 'Call Down The Sun'

 The four-piece unleashes hurricanes of blackened death doom metal.

BLACK FUCKING CANCER ~ 'Procreate Inverse'

Abhorrent Californian black metal legion Black Fucking Cancer re-emerge from the depths of torment with a new declaration of total war toward the human race in the form of "Procreate Inverse", a towering and long awaited brand new 2LP full-length offering of cataclysmic and imperial black metal domination

KING MOUNTAIN ~ 'Tempest at the Gate'

Heavy riffs,bluesy lead jams and soulful vocals is what we want to share.

CHEMICIDE ~ 'Common Sense'

Killer Thrash from Costa Rica

BLEED THIS EARTH ~ 'The Slow Decline'

For fans of Ahab, My Dying Bride, Mournful Congregation, and old school Doom Metal

DI'AUL ~ 'Abracamacabra'

Di'Aul have strived to write heavy, catchy music
underlaid with subtle complexities. The band had a distinctive and fully-formed sound right
from the start: a mix of '70s rock songwriting and 90's metal groove.


Formed by members of Memoriam and Pemphigoid, As The World Dies are among UK’s most promising new bands. Gritty and spiteful, the music rampages mercilessly hearkening back to the era of Bolt Thrower, Grave and the like.

MARIJANNAH ~ 'Music From and Inspired by GiantLands'

Marijannah is a stoner/doom metal band from Singapore with members of two of the island's hardest touring bands, Wormrot & The Caulfield Cult.

Monday, March 28, 2022

DEATHRATTLE PODCAST ~ Dirty Dozen (Feb 2022)

 March lists will soon be upon us. Here's a recap of the best 12 releases of  February according to Deathrattle Podcast.


Heldscalla is a stoner metal doom band with psychedelic flourishes from Seattle, WA, founded in 2019.


Picking up where they left with the Third Crusade, Hugo “Rattlesnake” Conim and his unholy pack of musicians, Filipe Relêgo (bass / vocals ), drummer João Ventura and Diogo Simões (keyboards) have invoked all their demons and recited all their spells in order to write and produce a beast of an album, which will not only mark their best, most focused and mature album to date, but will surely expand their fanbase and bring the Doom and Dawn into a world of darkness and mist, waiting for its final blow.


Stoner/doom/hardrock DUO in the hand of the GREAT WIZARD MASTER!


Sludge /Doom from California


Heavy Orchestra, keeping the great Swedish tradition of stoner doom alive.


Melodic, Heavy, Dark, Uplifting and Empowering.


Ironmaster was formed in Nyhammar Sweden april 2020. The style is unrelentless, fast Death Metal.


Finland’s Cryptic Hatred perform monolithic, feral death metal that taps into the vein of 1990s classics—yet re-forges them in the fires of youth. The band came together in 2019 when Jami Lamio (guitars), Tatu Saves (drums), Eemil Lajoma (guitars, vox) and Miska Hagelberg (bass) met in high school. In 2020, they settled on the name Cryptic Hatred and self-recorded and released the 8-song Free from the Grave demo. In 2021 they became a powerful live force in the Finnish death metal scene, honing their chops before a growing, dedicated fanbase.


The focal point was creating a Thrash Metal Album for an Incrypt audience to a Thrash Metal fan base. The style is very much distinct with small pockets of early Thrash musical influences, the feel is unique more focused than previous albums by Incrypt


Holy Witch is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock band from Shreveport, Louisiana.


The album sums up everything Phil and Tim are doing, it is a collaboration of passion for music and creativity, and it is highly recommended for fans of all the bands Phil and Tim are part of, and also the fans of all eras of BLACK SABBATH and the spirit of heavy metal music.


Death Metal from Belgium.