Wednesday, November 13, 2019

KING WEIRD ~ The Illusion (Full Album 2017)

"King Weird is a heavy sludge prog rock band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 2007 to deliver the goods.. If heavy riffs, grooves and melodic vocals are your thing we dare you to give us a listen. We are unique and stand behind it." ~ KING WEIRD

Deathrattle Podcast isn't all about crushing doom or rampant death and recently I've been hooked on the resurgent prog scene which, over the past year has infiltrated parts of the underground music scene I never imagined would happen. The reason I've become so hooked on this style is that unlike 'prog' rock/metal of old which tended to be 'noodly' and by and large lacked substance, the modern prog style interweaves around a solid metal/rock riff. This perfectly describes the music released by KING WEIRD. Watertight song structures gives each song a rocking groove and along with keyboards that are kept firmly in the background, gives 'The Illusion' plenty of weight that counterbalances the ELP like melodious passages that permeate throughout the album, particularly on the title track.

This is a hugely enjoyable, hard rockin' album. ~DEATHRATTLE PODCAST

There is a new single from an incoming album due soon.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

ROMASA ~ Cheering Death (Full Album 2019)

sobering perdition
nefarious control
indistinct cries of pain
echo through caves of flesh
all life is soluble
inside this shrouded maze
dripping thought cave
pitch black, i will sleep now
gaping sepulchral form ~ROMASA

A monstrous blend of death, crust and hardcore aggression ~ DEATHRATTLE PODCAST

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

BURIAL CHOIR ~ Iconoclast (Full Album 2016)

Dark and bleak Finnish funeral doom.There are several forms of this type of music and BURIAL CHOIR falls into the early ANATHEMA , PARADISE LOST form of misery, but with more of a blackish touch.

You can get the cd and cassette from Fallen Temple

You can grab it digitally here

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

WARCHIEF ~ Morning Home (Full EP 2019)

2 meandering tracks that trawl the various genres of the 'underground' scene. Both twist the doom sludge genre into progressive suites making this EP a compelling listen

PISSRASH ~ ( Pissrash EP 2019)

"Sounds like the EYEHATEGOD smoked crack with the Dwarves!" ~ PISSRASH

"Aussie punk/sludge guttertrash that'l piss on your shoues and puke down your shirt." ~DEATHRATTLE PODCAST

Pissrash 03:49
Head Full of Wasps 03:27
Geetroit Rock City 02:53
Violated 04:49
Prison Hate 02:46
released July 15, 2019

Jake Seymour- vocals
Laurence Thomson- bass
Matt Collins- drums
Plonk - guitar

Artwork and PISSRASH logo by Nathan Forbes.
recorded & mixed at Roof Rocks by MC
All music and lyrics by PISSRASH.
Intro on Prison Hate originally by ENTOMBED.
all rights reserved

ANDVAKA ~ Andvana (Partur II - 2nd track 2019)

2nd track of a three track EP. Coma inducing doom from Iceland

Monday, September 30, 2019

CRUCIFUZZ - Пустые лица ( Full Album 2019 )

Russian stoner fuzz. This is the band's second studio full length. It's their most lumbering doom laden album yet